Motivational Monday- November 2

“He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life” -Muhammad Ali

Happy Monday BMWA Family,

       As I write this weekly Motivational Monday, my heart is overjoyed because this past Saturday, we hosted a BMWA career fair and five of our guests were former BMWA students.  When I read the quote by Muhammad Ali that says “He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life”, well Saturday five young African American males who came through BMWA took risks and they are doing great in life.  The five young men who shared with BMWA on Saturday took the time from their busy schedules to encourage and motivate our middle and high school BMW young men to take risks so they can accomplish much in life. 

        The five young men who spoke today at BMW were:  Scholar Joedocei Hill, who graduated from P. L. Dunbar High School and got a B.S. and a master’s degree from the University of Kentucky.  Joedoeci is now living in Richmond, VA where he works for Capital One as a software engineer!  When you look at the Capital One website, much of it was designed by our own Joedocei Hill.  He owns property in Lexington and Richmond, and he is going to continue to take risk and one day own his own business!  Maybe he will hire some of our BMW young men in the future!

       Scholar Tony Compton is a BMW who graduated from Tates Creek High School.  He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Louisville in Sports Administration and is presently working on his master’s degree at U of L.  Tony works for the University of Louisville Athletics Department as the Facilities Manager.  Tony is continuing to work hard and take a risk to accomplish being an Athletic Director of a university someday!

      Scholar Desmond Howard is a BMW who graduated from Bryan Station High School.  Desmond took a risk and left Lexington to go to the University of Pennsylvania.  Desmond still holds the BMW record for the highest ACT score of 32.  He got an internship while in college with Microsoft and upon graduation from the University of Pennsylvania, he got hired by Microsoft as a software engineer!  Desmond is now living in Seattle Washington working for Microsoft!

      Scholar Jamal McFarland is a BMW who graduated from Tates Creek High School.  Jamal was the 2nd BMW to get into the University of Louisville Speed School for Engineering.  He graduated from the Speed School with a degree in Mechanical engineering.  Jamal is now working for the Ford Motor Company where he is on assignment in Detroit, Michigan helping to design the 2022 Navigator SUV.  He is a plant manager at the young age of 27 and he is very active in the Association of Black Engineers!

     Scholar Myles Gibson if a graduate of P. L. Dunbar High School.  Myles got one of the BMW scholarships to the University of Kentucky.  He graduated with a degree in Biology.  Myles is going to continue to take a risk and applying to nursing school.  He is not going to stop at just nursing school but plans to be courageous and be a nurse practitioner!

Parents, I hope you know your son can continue the BMW legacy of accomplishing great things in life!  Please continue to have high expectations of your son and do not take any excuses when they say they cannot do something.   If your son needs help, we are here for them because “TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK”!  Have a great week!  Be Blessed!