BMWA Expectations:

    1. Young men must attend weekly Saturday sessions
    2. Must limit television & use of video games
    3. Must read a minimum of 60 minutes a night  (Readers are Leaders)
    4. Must turn in all homework assignments at their regular schools
    5. Must participate in community service programs
    6. Must maintain good conduct at home, school and in the community
    7. Must maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.5 to participate in educational and college trips.
    8. Must memorize & internalize the BMWA Creed

BMWA Well Principles

The Black Male Working Academy has high expectations for all its scholars. Our motto is there are “No rules, just expectations”. Pursuant to our philosophy of high scholar expectation, scholars shall adhere to the following as our guidelines for success which are also known as our “Well Principles”:

Well Behaved
Follow all school and community expectations
Well Mannered
Use manners when interacting with staff, peers, families and guest
Well Dressed
Dress professionally with a suit and tie or business casual
Well Spoken
Speak fluently with confidence and composure
Well Read
Read nightly to increase vocabulary and enhance writing skills
Well Travelled
Participate in cultural events, field trips and trips abroad
Well Prepared
For college, career and life!
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