Motivational Monday- October 12

" Be Mindful of Your Time"

"The Challenge is in the moment. The time is always now!"

The quality of your life, the shabbiness or sturdiness of your life, the spotlessness or messiness of your life right now is directly related to how you have chosen to spend your time.  The way you choose to use your time right now will directly affect the life you live in the future for better or worse.  The way you spend your time right now, truly is an investment, and you will receive either positive or negative returns on your investment sometime in the future.

Those who place a high value on their lives will make careful use of the minutes, the hours, and the days they have been allotted.  Those who don’t value their lives will waste their time in unproductive pursuits such as getting high, getting drunk, watching hours of television, lounging on the couch, continually talking on the phone, or finding other ways to kill time.  Incidentally, when you kill time, you are hurting yourself by limiting your destiny.  In the days of  your youth, it is in the best interest to devote your time to constructive activities so you will have a sturdy foundation upon which to enlarge your territory and reach towering heights in the days to come.  The best way for you to get control of your time is to focus intensely on your future and to work enthusiastically at constructing the life you desire.

Remember, the most important activities that you engage in are the activities that will enhance your life.  If you are going to make the most of your time, it is necessary for you to have a clear vision of where you want to be in the future and you must work without compromise toward realizing your goals.  Without a clear vision of the future—without goals, you are drifting through life from day to day without direction.  If you do not have specific aims in life, you are simply wasting precious time; you are wasting days that you will never be able to relive.

If you are committed to constructing, building, assembling the life you desire and if you don’t manifest your commitment through constant activity, then you are wasting precious hours because you are neglecting your life.  If one neglects one’s teeth, one’s teeth will rotten.  If one neglects one’s health, one’s body will eventually break down and sickness will enter.  Through neglect, your life, like anything else will begin to deteriorate.  Be careful not to fall into the neglect trap by constantly doing that which will bring you closer to your goals.  The neglect trap involves making neglect a habit.  One day of not committing yourself to your goals may not hurt but over the long haul it will.  Obviously, the way you use your time will determine the quality of your life.