Motivational Monday- October 26

Motivational Monday Review

Hello BMWA Parents,

       I pray this email finds each of you well and continuing to encourage your sons to be the best that they can be!  The Motivational Monday for the week of October 26th will be a review and reminder of the 6 weeks you have already received since September.  Parents, it is most important that we work together to remind our young men of their potential and that we have high expectations of each of them!  Listed below is a summary of what we need you to expect of your son at home!  We appreciate each of you. 

  1. Teach Your Son to Take Education Seriously! You can do this by stressing the importance of doing well in school and you doing things at home to cultivate his mind!
  1. Teach Your Son to be Mindful of His Habits! Model for your son good habits then help him to develop good habits.
  1. Teach Your Son to be Mindful of His Time! Monitor your son’s time and limit the amount of time he watches the television and plays video games.  Make sure he spends some time reading!
  1. Expect Your Son to be a Positive Person! Do not put up with up with any negativity from your son!  Being positive will open doors from him. 
  1. Expect Your Son to be an Overachiever! Do not let your son do just enough to get by, but expect him to do more than what is expected.
  1. Encourage Your Son to Know His History! “If a race has no history…it stands in danger of being exterminated” by Carter G. Woodson.   African American history contains truths that liberate, knowledge that empowers, and stories that inspire.  Within your history, you will find yourself.

Have a great week BMWA families!  Please stay healthy and safe!  We will start a new series next Monday, November 2nd!!  We will get through this pandemic together.  Love and appreciate each of you.  Be blessed.